Wednesday, April 10, 2013

walking in the fast pace of life goal and to-dos fill the mind of everyone
i admitted absolutely ignoring something good in life
I striving to reach certain goal
keep moving without realizing the word PEACE being thrown away somewhere.
who knows today now I stumble unexpectedly
mind occupy by unnecessary worries and lack of peace inside
now walking crippled, which means change a thought and then enjoy the slow pace

"KEEP CALM & Look Into the bright side..............."

Thursday, February 7, 2013


慢慢的去聆听自己。-这样 " =( " - 不是我。
请记得,接纳, 倾听自己,慢慢去发掘自己想要的是什么,该舍弃的想法又有哪些。
最近在想着“离开安逸 ” 的想法。
安逸-comfort zone.
It is the comfort zone, mentally comfort zone or the physically comfort zone.
How far and what are the changes I need to set on goal to move on.

=) . Curve your life.

We just got to let it go ...
" Let it go of the pessimistic side of you, face whatever circumstances with joyful heart and a peaceful mind.. embrace the best of you during the critical moment." 
“let the light shine upon the small little dark place in you"

That's how I learn today. SMILE is the best curve in all circumstance


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Before shutting your eyes everyday
ask yourself : "How are you today "



Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Monday, January 28, 2013


"Never get by with sloppy living.  Sloppy Living. The nature of human it's the sluggishness inside of us. Sluggishness and sloppy living will eaten us slowly and become a habit then become a character. The strength inside of us, the thing that we capable to do and called to do........ Awake. "